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I'm going to be 20 in May. I graduated form Coe Brown Academy in 2005. I work +40 hours a week now. I think I'm going to enjoy my job. I'm in a wonderful relationship. I believe I met the boy of my dreams.

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I need a car.
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updated on July 20th,2007 ;; 10AM
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I find this Funny as Hell.And at the same time Kind of Sad. [
updated on February 16th,2007 ;; 12PM

I'm not dissing anybody,thats part of Peta, the only problem I have is comparring things to the holocaust. I'm all for Helping animals out,but seriously all people need to do is research facts. I'm kind of libral when it comes to this kind of stuff. I could go on for 10 pages about differences(which I did for an Agricultural Paper in High-school). Which discused both sides of the Pie. If you watch as much animal Planet as I do, then you'd know a lot of it shows the abuse of animals that are in some peoples homes, and what happens to them afterwards. Why don't celebrities donate money to creating a place for dogs and cats to be happy, a big sanctuary kind of thing.
All I know is at my old house we had 3-4 cattle at a time,and trust me they're very well taken care of. The Ox are over 5 years old which make them horrible in meat standards, and they're seen as Pets. I had a Steer that was so well taken car of and loved to the point of you could sit on his back and lead him around. And he was used to for meat, and it was like putting a beloved pet down. But this is how life is. Are you going to nuke China because they eat dogs,cats,rats,and Monkeys(I saw them hanging in China town in NYC,it was gross),because thats part of their culture. It's all about boundries. I don't agree with pitbull fighting,I don't agree with testing beauty products on kittens,but I think that if they test a mouse and get a cure for cancer, I'm all for it. And when I go to addopt a dog, I'm looking at all the shelters before I go for a fullbred dog. I wish I had someone to talk to about this then an Live Journal entry but eh.
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Good Morning [
updated on February 6th,2007 ;; 11AM
Ahh the sweet smell of Live Journal Drama in the morning. It's sweet really.
After I make a post about I don't know like 2 weeks ago I think, I honestly don't remember.
I admit I was upset and not thinking clearly when I posted it.
Will I take back what I said...NOPE I wont.
And the next person who feels they need to tell me their thoughts on what I post.
Please Leave your name. Or do you just go around randomly checking people's post and putting your two cents in where you feel is needed. So leave you name,number, and adress and I'll be happy to get back to you. Because you're really helping everyone out by leaving stuff on my Live Journal. Why don't you go do something useful and protest on something. Like Making Birth-Controll available over the counter, or finding a cure for cancer. That would be useful.
I'm in a good mood I swear.

Kevin talked about how there's really no options around here at all for him. And It sucks, I would rather him go to college. I would even move back into my mom's house...which as some of you know is like moving into the 6th circle of hell. I just don't know. New England just sucks in genral. The only thing that was keeping him back last time was financial aid, and how he's 21 and they still file him as a dependant. It sucks. God New Hampshire makes everything sucky. I don't recomend moving here at all. Unless you like no Jobs, Poor Schooling, and Shitty neighbors(this is directed towards strafford), and the worst driving system in the world. I'm all for making the whole "you must wear seatbelts at all time legeal". If that means I wont lose my licence for going 10mph over the speed limit before I'm 20. Do they not realize how horrible that is. I know people that had to quit their jobs, and stop going to college because of that. They didn't have a ride obvisouly. It's just stupid. So go protest that.
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Get a Life you Anti Bush wastes of space [
updated on January 24th,2007 ;; 06PM
God they make me sick.
Ask any military person over sea's right now...When asked what they needed, they responded with more troops.
If you can't stand behind of the military feel free to stand infront of them.
Hey I'm going to make a point and not research anything and come up with an oppion.
Liberals and Democrats can go suck a cock. How's that sound?
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updated on December 29th,2006 ;; 01PM
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Ahhh. so i was pissed before but now i've calmed down. [
updated on September 23rd,2006 ;; 06PM
[ mood | annoyed ]

So my last entry like 20 mins ago was pretty heated.
i'm not going to deny that. But it just pisses me off that people can say so much neggative stuff about solidiers and the people over there fighting for our country. And most can't compare this war to say the revolutionary war. But still even if you don't support the President or the people in his cabinet. Don't be dissrespectful to the Soldiers that are risking their lives. The next time you think about being disrespectful infront of one, think about their family who stands behind them, and what they're leaving behind. Think about their children who are left at home wondering if their mom or dad or sister or brother is going to come back home alive. Just immagine their faces and then take a look at yourself. When you die, do people come to your burriel and protest and say awefully disrespectful things to you and your love ones...No They Don't Do they.Your kids will never be as afraid as Children with military family members,cause your kids know you're comming home after your long hard day at the office.How dare someone be that disrepectful. But i am serious about one thing...if i ever have someone around me being dissspectful to any branch of the military around me or in hearing distance. I will be in your face in a heartbeat,calling you out, being disrespectful to you. Because you have no right to say anything about them.

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Nuke Them [
updated on September 23rd,2006 ;; 05PM
[ mood | angry ]

So after reading an article about how those fucking pieces of shit over in Iraq, dragged to U.S. military Infantry soldiers through the street,The Beheaded one and set them both on fire, I have have come to the conculsion that the people over their are discusting pieces of shit. And i have no respect for anymore that says anything neggative about the war, or is agenst it. These Men and women are putting there lives on the line for people just to be neggative when they get back. And i'm personally sick of it. If one person says one neggative thing about the army or soldiers or any branch of the military, I'm Punching Someone Out. And i wont give too shits who the fuck you are. You'll be on the ground knocked the fuck out. How dare anyone even dare to talk shit about anyone thats risking thier life to make sure that something doesn't happen like 9/11 in the united states again. And i found out the other week that my mom got my name from the most disrespectful american that i can think of. Fucking Piece of Mother Fucking Shit Jane Fonda. From some fucking movie i got my name. I'm all up for changing my name. i'm feel so disgracefull because i'm named after a character in one of her movies. Going to Vietnam and posing on turrets that shoot down american planes, and then going and spitting in some soldiers face. I'm glad she got her's, having a Vet spit in her face while she was signing books. I would love to find that man and shake his hand, Fucking Bitch. i don't think i've ever been this upset about the war. And now i'm worried about Duke and Kevin when he goes back into the military. Fuck those people over there. Fucking Get the fuck rid of that enitre country.

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Carry On Carry On [
updated on May 4th,2006 ;; 07PM
So it's going to be my b-day on saturday. Offically 19, not really to big of deal, just means 2 more years till i can buy booze. And 1 year that i don't have to worry about my licence getting taken away if i get a ticket. But yeah, i actually am not going to the gym tonight, i'm very tired. and we broke the good food, and orderd a pizza. Bad Chelsie bad.

Ryan and I made up, and we're back to being best friends again, which was more than likely to be expected. Our fights only last like 2 days anyway.

I had a weird dream last night involving a fox and cats, and the cats had rabies and i had to help the fox and kill the cats. i have no idea what that's supposed to me or whatever, maybe something is going to switch around or something. I don't know i'll have to look it up.

I played catch with kevin outside for a little bit, the bugs got bad, and i really hate bugs.

It's already almost 8:00pm, god where does my day go, i have everything all ready to be sent out to NHTI monday, i just have to get one more check written out for the houseing deposit. And then i just wait for an answer.

I always find myself on thursdays wanting it so badly to be saturday so i can have 2 days off,and they asked if i wanted to work every other sunday for over-time, it's only 9-1, but good lord i need a break sometimes, or they'll ask if it's really nice out and stuff. I'd switch on and off with jenn and stuff. I don't know, money is money. I got Payed yesterday and made 577.00. So it's like a grand if i save up a month.

Oh yeah, the malibu was not sold, i think they just hid it on me, but i don't know i'll have to actually go into the dealership and ask about it. cause then i can call my nana and say yeah, i'll take the 2,000.00 now. The joys of being somewhat spoild. I am the favorite grandschild so. :P.

but i want to that carrissa and andrea for leaving my nice comments always, saying i don't need to work out, haha i Loooove it. Thanks guys.
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updated on February 22nd,2005 ;; 11AM
[ mood | curious ]

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updated on February 22nd,2005 ;; 11AM
[ mood | creative ]

Decided to Make my Lj Friends Only. I have no idea who reads this stuff and that kinda creeps me out. SO if you're not on the Friends List. That Sucks.

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awesomness. [
updated on January 25th,2005 ;; 11AM
[ mood | cold ]

CheapTrick113 (10:36:12 PM): oh look it's the hottest guy on aim at the moment.
CheapTrick113 (10:36:14 PM): hi ben.
mTxBoogie (10:37:19 PM): hah what am i the only guy on? ha hey whats up

He is the coolest. Awesome conversations with that kid, and i don't usually ever get bored with them.

Thanks Carrissa for understanding so well what i'm going through right now. It's nice to know somone other than my Best friend can actually be supportive of everything.

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